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Strategic Validation

Let me strategically determine the viability of your business. See steps below.


Let me inspire an entrepreneurial mindset within your business.


When was the last time you stepped back and validated your business model?  Have you kept up with major technological pivots happening in your industry? Let me help you refresh your strategies to ensure sustainability in a transforming business environment.   Don’t wait until your competition figures it out and establishes an insurmountable lead.    Let’s chat and explore how you can ensure sustainable revenue and growth.

Randal Schober

Entrepreneur and Professor of Innovation and Management at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Validation is KEY !

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Step 1

Validate the opportunity

Firstly, we need to validate whether you are solving the greatest pain-points.

We’ll Create a Plan Together
Step 2

Validate Market Fit

Secondly, have you innovated to ensure your highest value proposition.

Engage and Execute
Step 3

Validate Business Model

Lastly, is your business model agile enough to ensure innovative solutions?

Business Idea Consultation. Ideation First

Predict your future by creating it!

With a focused conversation, we’ll workshop how I can help you execute on your new start-up opportunity.

I highly recommend this program to anyone thinking about launching a new business

“Start90 Create was an absolutely crucial resource in the success of my business! I have never launched a business before. So the fact that Start90 walked me step by step, not only thinking through the process of creating my business, but first figuring out if there is even a need for my business, was invaluable. Start90 is simple, yet encompasses all of the pieces needed to begin your own business, and Dr. Randal provided fantastic practical and clear wisdom and direction every step of the way.”

- Eisha B.

What Others Are Saying

other say

“Most of what you learn in business school is exactly the opposite of what you need to create a great startup. Randal knows this new playbook. His strategies combine fast-paced “learning sprints” that debunk the common myths of startup creation. If you’ve always dreamed of starting something new, Randal will help make that a reality.”

- Wes Wasson, Silicon Valley Executive, and CEO of DreamStart Labs

“Randal Schober was hired to develop a plan to optimize revenue potential for one of the Port of San Diego’s most prominent waterfront venues. He developed a strategic course of action in a focused, timely and professional manner and presented strong, viable options that were clear, concise, and well received by our leadership. I highly recommend Randal for business planning and would hire him without hesitation for similar projects in the future.”

- Yvonne Wise, Director Waterfront Arts & Activation Port of San Diego

“Randal's strategies and program is approachable, clear and manageable. By completing the modules, I felt more confident and empowered to move forward in building a successful business.”

- Morgan Funke The Cause

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