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Start90 by Randal Schober

Welcome to your online entrepreneurial program designed to help you build a successful and sustainable purpose–driven business in 90 days.

Do you have a business idea?

And need help making it a reality?
Are you seeking a better work/life balance?
Want to create an additional revenue stream?

Start90 is an online program to help you design, launch and scale your own purpose-driven business. No previous business experience necessary, as I walk you step by step through a proven process that is used by start-ups everyday.

Start90 is made up of 12 sequential modules that include both video and working-briefs to ensure that you build a validated and sustainable business.

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Features & Benefits

A step by step entrepreneurial program
The modules are designed sequentially to optimize success

A validated startup process
The modules use proven start-up methodology

Integrated video and worksheets
The modules ensure understanding and practical application through videos and worksheets.

Start90 by Randal Schober

Create value through your own purpose-driven business
Your opportunity to be a difference-maker by building your very own venture

Pursue passions and achieve financial independence
Your chance to benefit from your unique strengths and aspirations

Take charge of your future
Your time to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted

Program Overview

Start90 by Randal Schober

What is My Business?

(module 1 – 6)

WEEK 1: Should My Business Exist?
Determine whether your idea is actually a good business opportunity or not.
WEEK 2: Who Is My Ideal Customer?
Dig deep into who your target customers are and specifically where you are going to find them.
WEEK 3: What Will Make My Business Unique?
Understand what specific value add features makes your business unique
WEEK 4: How Will My Business Work?
Discover a framework to evaluate the viability of your business. You will be able to determine whether your business has an economic engine that can be profitable.
WEEK 5: What Assumptions Am I Making?
Learn the importance of truly understanding your business opportunity by executing a ‘proof of concept’.
WEEK 6: Do I Need to Pivot My Business Strategy?
Conduct a market fit analysis to help you decide if you should pivot or persevere on your current business strategy.

How Do I Build My Business?

(module 7 – 12)

WEEK 7: What Do I Need to Get Started?
Learn how to identify the physical, relational, intellectual, human and technology and financial resources you need to launch your business.
WEEK 8: How Do I Market My Business?
Learn the basic marketing components and strategies related to the start-up environment.
WEEK 9: Is My Business Scalable?
Learn about the different types of ventures you can create (so you can decide what type of business you want).
WEEK 10: How Do I Tackle Finances?
Discover the essential financial actions needed to start a profitable business.
WEEK 11: What Additional Resources Are Important?
Learn about several additional key resources that have been proven to be critical to the success of new ventures.
WEEK 12: What Are My Next Steps?
Take a moment to look back and think about all you have accomplished, as well as give you the final pointers you need to launch your new venture.

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