Who wants an adventure?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to travel.   And although weekend trips to the desert or heading to the coast to surf are great, more than often, I will pick a country in the world that I have never visited and book a flight.  Exploring new places and experiencing other cultures has always been a passion of mine.

However, I often hear comments like ‘I wish I could do that’ …. And the simple fact is that ‘you can!’  Now, I don’t mean to be flippant, as I do understand the importance of responsibilities and the availability of time and monies however sometimes we base these decisions not truly knowing the resources available to us.

Like never before in history, we have access to more than enough information to plan our next spontaneous trip.   The online sources developed by other entrepreneurs allows us to be notified when great deals become available, to go to a single site which will search numerous airlines for the best flights, hotels or even the opportunity to stay in someone else’s home.   In addition, global connectivity through wifi, you can remain in constant contact with love ones at home while using GPS to navigate your every move.

Your ability to utilize these resources could easily change a ‘I can’t do that’ response to  ‘lets go!’

As entrepreneurs our ability to leverage resources is one of the major differences between success and struggle.  Each one of us has unique resources that only apply to us including skills, traits, networks, access to mentors, funding etc.  These resources when utilized will help protect and propel your business to the next level.

So dig deep and maximize yours.  Get great at leveraging your resources and who knows, you may be soon going on a fun foreign adventure to celebrate.

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