What I learnt from ‘Joy’… the movie

For anyone who has taken a long fight, a great way to pass the time is to watch a movie or two. My most recent trip from LAX to Sydney, I actually had time to watch 5 movies, eat 2 meals, take a nap and chat with my fellow passengers.

One of the movies on the list was ‘Joy’. It’s a true story about the inventor and entrepreneur Joy Mangano who invents the detachable self-wring mop and takes it to QVC.

Unlike most Hollywood movies the main characters and premise is relatively factual and a number of important lessons can be taken from Joy’s initially entrepreneurial ventures.

#1: Anger can be a great catalyst for producing outcomes: in every start up, things often don’t go your way. Allowing controlled emotions of dissatisfaction can often force you to go beyond your comfort zone, face a difficult situation and make the seemingly impossible, possible!

#2 Life can easily get in the way: A close friend and entrepreneur often says that the greatest obstacle for a start up is ‘life’ … your #1 programmer has a baby, sickness invades your team, your partner needs to move. Yes, unforeseen life events or basic family needs can shift priority. The key is balance and defining your personal priorities as they relate to your business.

#3: Be aware of energy vampires: Are there people in your life who suck out all your energy and vitality? I think we have all experienced them. It’s often easy to identify … once they leave, you feel exhausted. Well, as an entrepreneur, your energy is gold and should be reserved as such. Maybe its time to limit your exposure to them in order to protect yourself and your business.

Movie or real-life, there are always lessons we can learn from others. I often find that entrepreneurs in a proactive way define certain rules to live by. Everyone’s are different based on personal experiences and needs. Writing them out and modifying when needed, can help keep you on track and become truly ‘joyful’.

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