Turtles vs Seagulls

As I sit at Circular Quay in Sydney looking over the harbor bridge while eating one of our world famous ‘chicken schnitzel and chips’ …. Well pretty good compared to the Germans and Austrians. I watched a few seagulls fighting over someone else’s leftovers and it reminded me of the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, you know the one about the little clown fish’s adventure across the Pacific. In particular, two sets of characters, the bale of turtles cruising along the EAC (Eastern Australian Current) and the colony of seagulls in constant pursuit of their next meal (yes, you can double check those terms, I did :-).

We have a constant choice of what type of character we want to be within our entrepreneurial eco-systems. The seagulls who constantly scream ‘mine’ as they fight over whatever scraps that come available, always taking from each other and whoever else they can scavenger from OR be like Crush and his mates who believe in community, giving back and constantly invite others to enjoy the ride.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy path and we need one another or professional and emotional support. Fortunately, in our world today, we have hundreds of live and on-line network groups, startup incubators/accelerators and various support systems available to us. So take advantage of them but not just for the sake of taking but giving back.

Giving back can occur in many ways: investing in a local network like Entrepreneurs’ organization (EO), volunteer to speak at a local university entrepreneurship class (you can always come to mine) or joining an on-line network to share your experiences and challenges.

As we all become part of the EAC (Entrepreneurial Achieving Community), make an effort to be an active participant. I guarantee, like life, the more you invest in it, the more you get back in return.

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