This program is intended to strategically determine the viability of your business model and develop a plan for market penetration & growth. The process outlined below describes the steps we will take to take your business initiative to a realistic & sustainable plan. I will help you manage the strategic milestones and provide recommendations for continued development.

Milestone 1


We kick off the project by learning from you. Through a detailed pre-workshop call or 1-hour meeting, we aim to understand all aspects of your business model as it exists today. We will discuss what success looks like & your current challenges.

Milestone 2


50% of a good solution is having a clearly defined problem. During the discovery phase, we will run a 4-hour ‘Business Model Workshop’ at an allocated location for discovery & validation.

We will learn about the problem you are solving and understand the basic concepts of your business strategy. We will examine your current business model and perform a SWOT to analyze it at a deeper internal level. In addition, we will look at your competitive landscape and seek opportunities for disruption. Finally, we will ideate on the 9 core sections of your business model and discuss further validation needs and opportunities.

• Customer segments Cost / Revenue Streams
• Value proposition Key Resources
• Channels Key Activities
• Customer relationships Key Partnerships


Milestone 3


In this final step, we will conceptualize a strategic recommendation on what areas you should focus on to solidify your business model and identify growth opportunities. This will include a proposal that includes:

• The biggest challenges and opportunities facing your business
• Possible strategic innovations to your business model
• Recommendations for next steps

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