Randal Schober

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Dr Schober has spent his professional career seeking innovative ways to solve problems, avoiding corporate ceilings and developing business strategies to increase organizational efficiency.  Within his constant entrepreneurial desire to ‘create value’, Randal has worked in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sector in the pursuit of taking a business idea to a sustainable reality.  


Schober is committed to his Christian faith and Gandhi’s quote ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.  As he serves as full-time Associate Professor of Management at PLNU’s Fermanian School of Business, Schober teaches and mentors the concept of an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ and the importance of creating value for everyone in our lives both personally and professionally.


Prior to his academic career, Schober held positions as Executive Director of SurfAid USA whose mission is to help improve the health and wellbeing of people living in isolated regions around the world and HeadNorth who focuses on improving the lives of survivors of spinal cord injuries.


Randal Schober holds a Doctorate in Education and a Master’s of Science from West Virginia University.  Most recently he completed a Post-Doctoral degree in Entrepreneurship and International Business at the University of Florida.


In his free time, Schober enjoys being outdoors especially in the ocean surfing or in the mountains snowboarding.  He is a copious traveler who loves to explore new places and experience the extraordinary cultures around the world.




Create a ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ within your organization. Develop a company culture that creates value for both the individual and the bottom-line.



Millennials make up 25% of the current workforce and are now the largest generation. Learn how to maximize their skills by creating a highly effective corporate culture.


Ready to pursue a new career?  Wanting to explore a business idea? One-on-one sessions will explore and help you create your life’s vocation.
Do you have business idea?

Do you consider yourself an innovator?  Someone who is creative and constantly thinks of ideas but not sure how to validate them?  Start90 will help to explore your idea and authenticate a possible business venture.

Are you seeking a greater work/life balance?

Over 63% of Millennials have a bachelors degree and will place work/balance before career progression [Forbes, 2016].  Many are unsatisfied with corporate jobs and are seeking greater flexibility and opportunity to pursue a sense of meaning.  Start90 will identify your personal goals and guide you to a venture that suits you.

Have you imagined yourself as an entrepreneur?

54% of Millennials either want to start a business or have already started one [Kauffman Foundation].  The opportunity to create your own future has never been more possible.  Start90 will give you the resources to explore your entrepreneurial business spirit.

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Start90 is an on-line entrepreneurial program designed to help millennial’s build a sustainable side-business.



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Randal Schober

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